Scrivener for Smarties–Recommended Reading

Scrivener for Smarties–Recommended Reading

FYI: This is merely and introduction. Later installments will feature actual Scrivener tips.

Scrivener; many people love it and use it every day. Some people want to love it but are baffled by it. And the rest don’t want or need it. This series of articles is for the first group who know most of the features of Scrivener, but don’t have the time or brain power left over from shaping worlds to apply Scrivener to their own writing and revision process.

If you are merely curious about the software, then head on over to Literature and Latte’s website, and click around. There are introductory videos, screen shots, and a 30-days-of-use demo you can download for Windows and Mac. If the basics give you trouble, go through the tutorial under the Help menu (in fact, do it even if it all seems to click for you).

Still not enough? Try Gwen Hernandez’s website and book Scrivener for Dummies. David Hewson also has tips and a book: Writing a Novel with Scrivener. Dive in to Literature & Latte’s user forums to find some very helpful people, and the occasional bit of Tom-foolery.

The Internet is lousy with people providing introductory and intermediate advice on using Scrivener, the above being the creme which rises to the top. My goal is to help the few people who have sampled that creme and want more; people who want to clog their arteries with the stinky cheeses of Scrivener Keywords and Saved Searches, colored index cards, robust backups, recovering from Dropbox synchronization catastrophes, and the vast jungle of options known as ‘The Compiler’.

So sample the creme, chomp on the curds, and then come back here for answers to cheesy Scrivener questions you haven’t thought to ask yet. Also, feel free to ask the ones that you do have—I’ll do what I can to point you to good resources or answer your queries myself.


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